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COVID-19 Coronavirus: Bulgaria, first two cases in Gabrovo. Mgr. Kavalenov (priest), “people worried but no panic”

“People are worried but there is no panic, calm prevails, and there is no change in the celebration of masses at present”, Mgr. Strahil Kavalenov told SIR news agency. Mgr. Kavalenov is vicar general in the diocese of Nicopolis and parish priest of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, a city with two COVID-19 cases, namely a 75-year-old woman with pneumonia and a nurse at the hospital where she was hospitalized. “We are following the precautionary measures taken by the authorities – the priest continued -, and we are considering whether to remove holy water from the fonts and the shaking of hands during the sign of peace, while communion is traditionally given in the hands”. In the region of Gabrovo as in the rest of Bulgaria, all schools and nurseries are closed since 9 March, and all cultural and sporting events have been postponed. Mgr. Kavalenov also informs that Oriental Rite Catholics in Bulgaria have suspended the kissing of icons and of the hands of bishops and priests. “Our church structures are quite small, but now we can do many things online, praying the Rosary online, online catecheses for children”. The Marian prayer “Sub Tuum Praesidium” is recommended to all the faithful

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