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G20: health, economy, climate and the environment on the agenda. Von der Leyen (EU Commission), “a new start in multilateral cooperation”

Conferenza stampa in vista del vertice del G20 (foto SIR/Commissione europea)

“Tomorrow’s G20 summit will be an opportunity to mark a new start in multilateral cooperation and to face the global challenges which we are all confronted with”. It is in this spirit that the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, looks to the event that will take place in virtual mode in the weekend (21-22 November), which she will attend along with the president of the European Council, Charles Michel. Obviously, health, then economy, climate and environmental protection are the main areas of cooperation right now and will be on the agenda tomorrow. The EU will be asking the G20 leaders to reach the amount of 4.5 billion dollars by the end of the year for the “ACT Accelerator”, a global cooperation platform for the fight against Covid, and its Covax tool. According to von der Leyen, a lesson that can already be learnt from the pandemic is that “all countries need to work together better to improve global health security”. The WHO plays a key role in this: “So far, the USA have displayed resistance to this matter”, von der Leyen said, but “I hope that with the new president-elect things will change”. As to economic matters, the EU proposes that “economic support measures should stay, until the recovery is firmly on its way”, a recovery that must be “sustainable and inclusive”. That’s why the EU, among other things, supports “the extension of suspension of debt payments until mid-2021, with the option of a further 6-month extension”. Speaking of climate and environmental goals, von der Leyen did not forget to point out that the “new US administration is expected to give some fresh impetus, based on the president-elect’s statement that the USA will re-join the Paris Agreement”.

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