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Roma: EU ten-year plan. Path to real equality and mid-term targets. Special focus on minors

(Photo SIR/European Commission)

The aim of the EU ten-year plan to support Roma – put forward today by the Commission (press conference in Brussels in the picture) – is “real and substantive equality”. The Commission set out some “minimum targets” for 2030. Namely: cutting the proportion of Roma with experience of discrimination by at least half; doubling the proportion of Roma filing a report when experiencing discrimination; reducing the poverty gap between Roma and general population by at least half; and cutting the gap in participation in early childhood education by at least half. Other mid-term targets include: cutting the employment gap and the gender employment gap by at least half; cutting the gap in life expectancy by at least half; reducing the gap in housing deprivation by at least one third; and ensuring that at least 95% of Roma have access to tap water. According to the Commission, in order to achieve these urgent and concrete targets, “it is crucial that Member States put in place the right policies”. The Commission also set out a list of measures to be taken by Member States in order to speed up progress towards Roma equality, inclusion and participation. The guidance and measures range from developing support systems for Roma victims of discrimination, to awareness raising campaigns in schools, supporting financial literacy, promoting the employment of Roma in public institutions, and improving access to quality medical check-ups.

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