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Roma: EU ten-year plan. Inclusion, education, work and housing. Jourova, “discrimination and racism still present in Europe”

Vera Jourova (photo SIR/European Commission)

Equality, inclusion, participation, education, employment, health and housing – these are the seven key areas put forward by the European Commission in the ten-year plan, announced today, to support the Roma population in the EU. For each of these areas, the Commission has developed “new targets and recommendations for Member States on how to achieve them, both of which will serve as important tools to monitor progress and ensure that the EU makes more headway in providing the vital support that so many Roma living in the EU still need”. Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová explained: “Simply put, over the last ten years we have not done enough to support the Roma population in the EU. This is inexcusable. Many continue to face discrimination and racism. We cannot accept it. Today we are relaunching our efforts to correct this situation, with clear targets and a renewed commitment to achieve real change over the next decade”. The document presented by the Commission in Brussels shows that “marginalisation persists, and many Roma continue to face a combination of disproportionate discrimination, antigypsyism and socioeconomic exclusion”.

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