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European elections: Metsola (European Parliament), new generations tempted by populists. Do not take the rights that Europe protects for granted

Roberta Metsola con il premier greco Kyriakos Mitstakis (Foto Parlamento europeo)

“It worries me that in many places there is a new generation who despite having all the information of the world at their fingertips are more sceptical than before. I would know. I have four boys, three of them constantly on their phones at home. This generation is tempted by populists that attempt to paint black-and-white pictures when in reality the middle ground is always a thousand shades of grey”, Roberta Metsola admitted in her address to the Greek Parliament today, taking inspiration from her own family. Her speech ahead of the elections in June took stock of the achievements and highlighted limitations and delays as regards the European integration. And she warned against the risk of populism: “This is a generation that is more cynical about politics in general. A generation that takes the rights that Europe protects and the opportunities that our Union gives for granted. And I believe so strongly that it is our collective responsibility to make sure that we do not allow that generation to retreat to the populist fringes of the political extremes”.

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