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EU Parliament: nature law, green light. 80% of European habitats in poor shape

By adopting its negotiating position on Nature Restoration Law, the European Parliament proposes that the law “shall only apply when the Commission has provided data on the necessary conditions to guarantee long-term food security and when EU countries have quantified the area that needs to be restored to reach the restoration targets for each habitat type”. Parliament also wants to introduce the possibility of postponing restoration targets in the event of exceptional socioeconomic consequences. Within 12 months of the Regulation entering into force, the Commission would have to assess any gap between restoration financial needs and available EU funding and “look into solutions to bridge such a gap”. Rapporteur César Luena said: “The Nature Restoration Law is an essential piece of the European Green Deal and follows the scientific consensus and recommendations to restore Europe’s ecosystems. Farmers and fishers will benefit from it and it ensures a habitable earth for future generations. Our position adopted today sends a clear message. Now we must continue the good work, defend our ground during the negotiations with member states and reach an agreement before the end of this Parliament’s mandate”. According to data provided by Parliament, “over 80% of European habitats are in poor shape”. Parliament is now ready to start negotiations with Council on the final shape of the legislation.

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