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Maritime security: EU, strategy to ensure peaceful use of seas updated and enhanced

The European Union updates the Maritime Security Strategy against new threats. The European Commission and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, have today adopted a Joint Communication on an enhanced EU Maritime Security Strategy to ensure a peaceful use of the seas. They have also adopted an updated Action Plan to implement the Strategy, the European Commission announced in a statement. The EU economy depends greatly on a secure ocean: over 80% of global trade is seaborne and about two-thirds of the world’s oil and gas is either extracted at sea or transported by sea. Up to 99% of global data flows are transmitted through undersea cables. “The EU intends to reinforce the wide range of tools it has at its disposal to promote maritime security, both civilian and military”, the Commission explained. Security threats “have multiplied since the adoption of the EU Maritime Security Strategy in 2014, requiring new and enhanced action. The updated strategy provides a framework for EU action to protect the EU’s interests at sea. The plan promotes “international peace and security, as well as respect for international rules and principles, while ensuring the sustainability of the oceans and the protection of biodiversity”.

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