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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Diocese of Pozega (Croatia), Solidarity Sunday for those hit by quake. Caritas, collections all over the country

Mons. Antun Skvorcevic, vescovo di Pozega (Foto Diocesi di Pozega)

“Weep with those who weep”. This is the title (taken from Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans) of the letter released by Mgr Antun Skvorcevic of Pozega (Croatia), following the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Recalling the similar suffering recently caused in Croatia by the earthquake that struck Zagreb, Petrinja and Sisak, the Bishop said “the tragedy in Syria and Turkey cannot leave us indifferent” and launched a Solidarity Sunday in the Diocese of Pozega, on 12 February, to show “our compassion and closeness to all those suffering pain and loss due to the earthquake”. In all the parishes of the diocese, all Masses next Sunday will be offered for earthquake victims, the wounded, and rescuers. At the end of Mass, there will be a collection for the people who have lost their homes; the money will be donated to the diocesan Caritas office. “Even the smallest donation a person can make will not be insignificant”, Mgr. Skvorcevic remarked, adding that “every drop of goodness helps in this difficult time for it creates a noble wave directed towards the innocent victims of the earthquake”. Throughout Croatia, local Caritas offices are raising funds for those hit by the earthquake. Caritas Croatia is in contact with Caritas Europa and Caritas Internationalis so that donations can reach Caritas Turkey and Caritas Syria.

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