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Justice and Peace Europe: today, presentation of “Facing our Fears and Reconnecting the World”, a two-yearly initiative

In Brussels today, Ash Wednesday, the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions will be presenting its initiative “Facing our Fears and Reconnecting the World” for 2023 and 2024. The goal is “facing the fear and anxiety that threaten to manipulate the European citizens”. The initiative will last two years and takes inspiration from Pope Francis’s encyclical letter “Fratelli tutti”. It has been announced in a notice by Justice and Peace Europe. “Faced with multiple crises in an increasingly fragmented world, we are confident that mankind has the creative and spiritual resources to face its fears, to reconnect, and to rebuild a shared legal, political and economic order”, Justice and Peace Europe stated. In the next two years, the members of the thirty European Justice and Peace Commissions will go on with their long-term work on social justice, with a special focus on overlooked social fears. In addition, events will be organised to promote global multilateralism in cooperation with Justice and Peace Commissions all over the world.

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