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DEMOGRAPHY: Eurobarometer, 51% of citizens call for EU and national policies to address challenges

Seven in ten Europeans believe that current demographic trends put at risk the EU’s long-term economic prosperity and competitiveness. Among the most pressing demographic challenges are population ageing (42%) and a shrinking working-age population and labour shortages (40%). This is according to a Eurobarometer survey on demography published by the European Commission today. In the demographic area, citizens are concerned about migration and integration (34%), depopulation and brain drain (26%), and the declining fertility rate (21%). Data show that Europe is an ageing continent: by 2100 the working-age population in the EU will decrease by 57.4 million with negative impacts on competitiveness. This will further exacerbate labour shortages and increase pressure on public finances. Furthermore, this may also hinder efforts towards the green and digital transition, and social cohesion could also be undermined by depopulation. According to one in two European citizens (51%), managing demographic change should remain a joint political priority of the EU and Member States.  Only 17% believe that managing demographic change should not be a political priority. As for the policy solutions to address population ageing, the citizens surveyed indicated ensuring adequate pensions that remain affordable for future generations (49%), and high-quality and affordable health care services (49%).

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