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Romania: Government report on refugees from Ukraine. 2.45 million assisted, over half a billion euros spent. 44,000 children without education

More than 3.2 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed border into Romania to date since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine. To manage the situation, the Romanian authorities have taken over 20 legislative measures and have spent more than half a billion euros – from their own funds and those of their international partners. This is according to a report published by the Romanian Government, which also points out that the arrival of winter and electricity problems in Ukraine have increased the number of Ukrainians arriving in Romania. Although only about 104,000 Ukrainians had applied for temporary protection and 4,397 for asylum in Romania, about 2.45 million Ukrainian refugees benefited from temporary housing, formal education or medical treatment in 2022, also thanks to the commitment of more than 300 Romanian NGOs. The Government report also shows that Romania, via the Suceava Hub, facilitated the supply of humanitarian aid offered by 44 foreign missions to Ukraine. Of these, eight are Italian and delivered to the war-torn country food aid, medicines, medical equipment, 23 ambulances, and equipment for the protection of cultural heritage. Among the priorities of the Romanian authorities is the situation of the approximately 48,000 Ukrainian refugee children, of whom only 4,000 are currently enrolled in Romanian schools, mainly because the Ukrainian authorities do not recognise the studies completed by their citizens in European countries.

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