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EU Commission: launching the European Cancer Imaging Initiative to assist health centres and research institutes in creating a European X-ray databank

The European Commission is launching the European Cancer Imaging Initiative to assist health centres, research institutes and innovators in creating an EU cancer imaging databank. The initiative is one of the main actions of the European Beating Cancer Plan. This has been announced by the European Commission in a release, during an event. The Initiative will comply with high ethical, confidence, safety and data privacy standards. National and EU initiatives, hospital networks and research archives with X-rays and other relevant health information will be connected together. In this way, “researchers will have efficient access to more high-quality data to investigate and advance their knowledge of the disease”. In addition, doctors will thus be able to take “more accurate and faster clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic and predictive decisions”. Citizens will be able to decide whether to give their informed consent or authorisation to make their data available. The new Artificial Intelligence technology can be used to investigate a wide range of data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All this “will expedite the development of innovative tools that can provide faster cancer diagnoses and tailored treatments”, the European Commission concluded.

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