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EU: 433 million euros to Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Hosting refugees, response to Covid, and vaccines

Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg will receive another 433.79 million euros as part of React-Eu “to help the people fleeing Russia’s aggression of Ukraine, employment and healthcare”. This has been reported by the European Commission. In Belgium, 33.4 million euros from the European Social Fund “will improve guidance, consulting and support to employment. The goal is to open the job market to Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable people looking for a job, who have lost their job or are in uncertain working conditions after the Covid-19 pandemic, focussing on the development of digital skills”. In Luxembourg, the Fund for Aid to the Most Deprived will receive 390 thousand euros to provide more food aids to people in need. In Italy, 136 million euros will be added to the operational programme “Governance and Institutional Capacity” to help relieve pressure on the country’s healthcare system, to help hire new public healthcare professionals, and to cover the cost of the overtime worked by 23,200 doctors and other healthcare professionals during the pandemic”. In addition, 264 million euros “will be used to buy doses of vaccine against Covid-19”.

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