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War in Ukraine: Eurobarometer, EU citizens support humanitarian aids, taking in refugees, sanctions to Russia, and weapons to Kiev


According to a Eurobarometer survey published earlier today, European citizens “totally support a common security and defence policy and expect the European Union to slowly come off Russian energy sources”. The survey “also confirms a wide support to the EU’s response to the Russian aggression of Ukraine”. This is written in a release that goes with the Eurobarometer report issued in Brussels earlier today.
Commissioned by the European Commission, today’s survey has been called: “The main challenges of our time: the EU in 2022” and relies on personal and online interviews held in the 27 member states of the European Union from 19th April to 16th May 2022. 26,578 interviews were held.
It confirms that most Europeans (59%) “approve of the European Union’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and of their government’s reaction (57%)”. The citizens expressed support first for humanitarian aids (93%), followed by taking in the Ukrainians fleeing the war (91%). 80% approve of the economic sanctions imposed on the Russian government, companies and citizens, and 70% support the funding of the supply and delivery of military equipment to Ukraine.

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