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EU Parliament: protecting children and adolescents fleeing the war in Ukraine. A debate at the European Parliament, a resolution on Thursday

(Strasbourg) Protecting children and adolescents fleeing the war: this is the topic that is being discussed in the European Parliament in Strasbourg this morning. According to UNICEF, almost one half of refugees are children and “need more protection, as they are more exposed to the risk of getting involved in trafficking and exploitation”, a release says. As an additional measure for the temporary protected status for refugees from Ukraine dated March 3rd – giving refugees temporary residency rights and access to education and to the job market – the EU Commission and the French presidency of the EU Council are working at a 10-step plan to improve Europe’s common response. “The plan will include a EU registration platform and coordination on transport, as well as specific guidelines on the homing and support of children, in partnership with the European Union Agency for Asylum”. The MEPs are emphasising the importance of protecting Ukrainian children and adolescents from trafficking and exploitation and assisting them in having access to education in the member states. A resolution will be voted on about this topic next Thursday.

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