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Conference on the Future of Europe, last plenary session in Strasbourg on April 29th and 30th. Works ending on May 9th

(Foto SIR/European Parliament)

On April 29th and 30th, the plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe will be meeting in Strasbourg for the last time to finalise its proposals. This has been confirmed by a release issued by the European Parliament, which will be hosting the session in its premises. “After two sessions (one in late March and one in early April), during which the preliminary proposals submitted by the nine workgroups were discussed, the plenary session of the Conference will have to approve the final proposals. They will be adopted by general consent. Saturday’s plenary session will be focussed on considerations and positions about the citizens’ delegates’ proposals”. Such proposals concern the following matters: health, European democracy, migration, values and rights, the rule of law and safety, education, culture and youth, a stronger economy, social justice and labour, climate change and environmental matters, the EU in the world, digital transformation. In Strasbourg on May 9th, the Executive Board of the Conference will hand the final report out to the presidents of the EU institutions (for more details about the Conference, visit the webpage).

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