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Eurobarometer: the pandemic increases citizens’ confidence in the EU. Priorities: health, fighting poverty, climate change

A generally satisfactory opinion is the one given by the European Parliament about the findings of Eurobarometer, a survey commissioned by the European Parliament and posted today, near the midpoint of its term of office (2019-2024). At other difficult times in the history of the EU, such as the 2008 crisis, the citizens’ bond with the European Union usually weakened; but during the pandemic it has grown and then it has held out. in particular, the European Parliament’s opinion is positive for 36% of interviewees, which is 12 points more than in 2015 (4 since the start of the pandemic). 58% would like the European Parliament to have more powers in the future to defend democracy. The priorities are public health (42%), fighting poverty and social exclusion (40%) and fighting climate change (39%), an issue that young interviewees have more at heart. They have a more positive image of the EU and more confidence in its institutions. 72% of the interviewees are aware that their own countries benefited from being part of the EU in terms of cooperation with the other countries (32%) and in terms of the economic support and extra security that comes from the EU (30%). There is widespread interest in getting a better understanding of European dynamics (58%), the way the EU funds are spent in their own countries (43%) and the practical repercussions of the approved European regulations le (30%). Looking very far ahead to the next European election (2024), 58% say that they would probably vote, while for 30% the intention to vote is more substantial. These opinions have been expressed by 26,510 European citizens who have been interviewed from November to December 2021.

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