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Conference on the Future of Europe: 200 citizens in Maastricht for a panel on EU in the world and migration

In the run-up to the plenary session of March 11-12th in Strasbourg, two citizens’ panels still have to meet and finalise their recommendations for the future of Europe. The two hundred European citizens who are members of the panel on the EU in the world and migration will meet in the weekend of February 11-12th in Maastricht, in the Netherlands, to work specifically on the EU goals and strategies for security, defence, foreign and trade policies, humanitarian aids and cooperation for development, enlargement and migration. The meeting will be in mixed mode, with some panellists remotely connected, and the opening and closing sessions (February 11th and February 13th) streamed live on a multilingual digital platform. This panel has already held two meetings before (in Strasbourg on October 15-17th and online on November 26-28th). A panel that still has to meet before the March plenary session is the one that covers “a stronger economy, social justice and employment/Education, culture, youth and sports; digital transformation” and that will finish working in Dublin on February 25-27th. In the meantime, all citizens “can keep on sharing their ideas about how to shape our common future on the platform”, the European Commission wrote in a notice.

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