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Conference on the Future of Europe: an event for young people in Italy, Spain and Hungary. A call for ideas on environment, culture and the Year of Youth

How to build tomorrow’s EU in strategic areas, such as the environment, diplomacy and culture, is the question at the heart of the initiative organised by the Offices of the European Parliament in Italy, Spain and Hungary, along with the community of and the youth association Eu&You. Ideas will be put forward and shared by young people themselves. The event – called “Hackathon” – will involve about fifteen boys and girls meeting the morning of February 3rd in the Offices of the European Parliament in Rome, Madrid and Budapest to share ideas: environment and Green Deal will be discussed in Rome, the EU’s role on the global scene in Madrid, and the European Year of Youth and culture in Madrid. At the end of the meeting, they will submit their ideas at an online discussion which some MEPs will take part in as well. The ideas put forward by these young people will eventually be posted on the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The event will be streamed live and may be watched by registering here.

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