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War and energy: Von der Leyen, Russia’s “war crimes” in Ukraine. Gas: storage and savings for winter

Strasburgo, 19 ottobre: l'intervento di Ursula von der Leyen al Parlamento europeo (Foto SIR/European Parliament)

(Strasbourg) “Pure terror”, “war crimes”: this is how Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, defines Russia’s attacks against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Speaking at a debate in the run-up to the European Council due to take place in Brussels tomorrow and the day after, first Von der Leyen took stock of the situation in Ukraine, then she dealt with other points related to war. “Yesterday, we saw again Russia’s targeted attacks against civilian infrastructure, and this is marking another chapter in an already very cruel war”. According to international law, “these are war crimes, with the clear aim to cut off men, women and children of water, electricity and heating with the winter coming”. Then, she added: “we will support Ukraine for as long as it takes and we will protect Europeans”. Then, the President spoke at length of
the problem of energy, explaining that Russia cut 80% of gas supplies, which have been offset by supplies from other partners, including the United States and Norway. “In addition, we have increased energy savings and have been filling our gas storages” in the run-up to winter. She lingered on gas prices and also mentioned the proposal put forward by the EU Commission yesterday. Then, she added: “We live in very uncertain times” and we must take action to support the “competitiveness of our economies”. Then, she insisted on RePowerEu, a plan to make Europe independent of Russian fossil fuels. “The solution to stay competitive is by investing in home-grown energy sources, especially renewables, and this must happen in all EU countries”.

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