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European Year of Youth: news and events about 2022’s Year on the portal

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The European Year of Youth is kicking off, though slowly! A page about the Year that has just started is now available at the European Youth Portal where one can find news, information about the planned events, insights, and “learn, share, discover other people’s views and take part in activities all over Europe”. The information that can be found on the website include the way the EU is aiming at “paying tribute to and supporting young Europeans”. An interactive map shows where and what activities have been planned. A “news” section completes a section about the “young Europeans’ voices” where one can find out what young European journalists have to say and take inspiration from young people all over Europe, read about their opinions and hopes for the future. A “youth policies” section is also being developed, where anyone concerned can find out what Europe is doing for them. Over the year, more news will be added to the website, which is supported by a twitter profile. On social media, information is going round at the pace of hashtag #EYY2022. One of the most urgent matters for young people is certainly unemployment: according to data published by Eurostat in the last few days, 2,842,000 under-25s were unemployed in November, with an average unemployment rate of 15.6% in the EU.

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