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EU: Commission’s proposal for universal battery charger. Vestager, “consumers were frustrated long enough”

“European consumers were frustrated long enough about incompatible chargers piling up in their drawers. We gave industry plenty of time to come up with their own solutions, now time is ripe for legislative action for a common charger. This is an important win for our consumers and environment and in line with our green and digital ambitions”, European Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager said about today’s legislative proposal for a universal charger. In brief, the Commission is proposing: to harmonize charging ports for electronic devices (USB-C will be the standard port. “This will allow consumers to charge their devices with the same USB-C charger, regardless of the device brand”); to harmonize fast charging technology; to unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices; and to better inform consumers.

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