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Conference on the Future of Europe: communication plan launched. Half a million views on the online platform. Modest interest from Poles, Swedes and Germans

More than half a million people have visited the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe which has over 18,500 actively involved citizens, more than 5,000 shared ideas and 1,340 registered events. The communication plan, however, highlights two imbalances that need to be addressed: the first is gender, namely a strong underrepresentation of women on the platform, which is “a common challenge for similar activities involving citizens”. The second is geographical: the portal received a relatively high number of visits from Malta, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal (probably due to the Portuguese presidency), but Poles, Swedes and Germans are much less active. Also, special attention should be devoted to attracting young people, although the data included in the communication plan (actually from May) show a good level of participation (with 11% of participants aged 15 to 24, although 22% did not provide information about their age). The topics of the Conference to which platform users have contributed more ideas are climate change and the environment, European democracy, and a stronger economy, social justice and jobs. By contrast, the topics which have so far generated fewer proposals and interactions are migration, digital transformation, and health.

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