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European Council: von der Leyen, “good national NextGenerationEU plans”. “Hungarian law goes against European values”

(Photo SIR/European Council)

At the final press conference of the European Council, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised the national plans for the post-Covid recovery, arguing that all NRRPs include reforms and investment. 20% of NextGenerationEU resources are to be allocated to the digital and 37% to the green transition. “Other areas of interest where investments will be made include employment, youth, social rights, childcare, health…”. There was then a long digression on the Hungarian law labelled as homophobic by most of the leaders attending the summit. “It was a frank, personal and emotional discussion because it was about people’s lives and dignity and about what we believe in”. Von der Leyen reminded the importance of the “culture of tolerance” and respect for the principles on which the European Union is based (with explicit reference to Art. 2 of the EU Treaty). “In this respect, the Hungarian law goes against our values; the Commission detailed its concerns in a letter to the government” in Budapest, “and now it is for them to answer”.

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