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European Commission: gradual reopening of Berlaymont building. 69 journalists admitted to press conferences

The Berlaymont building, the Brussels headquarters of the European Commission, is slowly going back to normal life too: as from July 1st, the newsroom will be accessible to a restricted number of journalists. To maintain physical distancing, only 69 of the 300 available seats will be accessible in the press conference room: the sooner one books, the more chances one has to personally attend the press conferences held by the president of the EU Commission and by the most popular MEPs (on condition one has passed the temperature check). Of course, everyone will still have a chance to watch the conference in virtual mode, which is actually what the press service recommends. With this mixed system, both the journalists who are personally there and those who are remotely linked can ask questions. Only 32 workstations will be accessible in situ. No one will be allowed to stand at the so-called “VIP Corners” of the press points, and the newsroom bar will still be closed for the time being.

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