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Norway: diocese of Oslo, 20 catecheses on video. Father Moi, “more interesting than many preaches”

Today, the catechistic office of the diocese of Oslo is launching the Norwegian version of the series of digital courses for catechesis by Sycamore. It is an initiative born in London from father Stephen Wang, chaplain at Newman House, a Catholic student centre. Father Wang filmed 20 videos inspired by existential questions to “explore the wealth of the Christian tradition”. Over the last few months, Father Oddvar Moi, director of catechesis in Norway, has been busy subtitling the 20-episode series in Norwegian, at the request of the country’s three Bishops. “This is our Catholic faith, as we want people to see it”, father Moi explained on the website of the diocese of Oslo. “Father Stephen has a very nice personality; he describes our faith graciously and interestingly”. In addition, producing such material in Norway would have had an extortionate price. Such material will help “present the Catholic faith in Norway to candidates for Confirmation, young adults, converted adults, people interested in the Catholic faith”, but they could be used by groups in parishes and by individual Catholics as well. Because such videos can help “remember important things and learn new ones”, father Moi goes on explaining, and “are more interesting than most preaches”. Such videos are available with subtitles in Spanish, Polish, French and soon Vietnamese as well. The programme will be presented tonight at a virtual meeting with all parish priests.

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