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EU: Von der Leyen, “750 billion to respond to the crisis. Opportunity of the century for Europe. Ahead with National Recovery and Resilience plans”

“Vaccination is gathering speed across Europe. It is now essential that our economy, which was badly hit by the pandemic, also recovers rapidly”. European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said this in a video message, taking stock of the situation in the fight against the effects of COVID-19. “We have just entered a crucial phase for our recovery and for the future of our Union. We have 750 billion euros, from our NextGenerationEU recovery plan, which we need to invest rapidly. This will boost our social market economy and power our unique single market”. “Right now, the governments of EU countries are finalising their National Recovery and Resilience plans. And the Commission works hand in hand with them” because “we need to target these investments carefully, to make Europe fit for the future. In the following weeks we will translate the recovery plans into legal texts”. “We know where we want to get to”, Von der Leyen added, “because we chose our objectives together. We want to build a Green Europe, which protects our climate and our environment. And which creates sustainable jobs. We want to invest in a digital Europe, innovative and competitive in global markets. And we want a resilient Europe, which is better prepared to face future crises. We have 750 billion euros to build our future Union. This is the opportunity of the century for Europe”. The Commission “will ensure that these plans reflect our high level of ambition. We owe it to our citizens. And in particular to our young generation”.

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