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UK: Lent, the initiatives of the Anglican Church. Reflections, an app and prayers for Covid-19 victims

A book entitled #LiveLent, an app with reflections and music downloadable to any mobile device, the opportunity to receive a daily email reflection, and also a candle that you can light online, on your pc, perhaps before you start working in the morning. These are the Lenten resources proposed by the Church of England on the website, where the over 100,000 Covid victims are also remembered in prayer. Six reflections for each week, written by Stephen Hance, the Church of England’s National Lead for Evangelism and Witness, each inspired by a passage from the Bible. The resources are available to the faithful in a variety of formats, from a booklet, to audio and video clips that are also available on the YouTube channel. A calendar can also be downloaded which includes family activities for each of the forty days of Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter. The first activity is an invitation to draw round your foot and, inside the shape, write “Thank you” for the people who help you follow Jesus. On Easter Day, the proposed activity is to draw and decorate a banner and put it in the window. Finally, one of the most interesting activities involves creating a “Good Question” box where each family member can post a question about the Church or Jesus which the family can read together and answer the following Sunday.

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