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Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov is the new Prime Minister. First priorities: energy crisis and Covid-19 vaccines

After eight months of political deadlock and three elections in a year, Bulgaria has a new government. The Prime Minister is Kiril Petkov of the new-born party “We Continue the Change”, leader of an executive supported by the coalition of four political forces, Socialist party, “There is Such a People”, “Democratic Bulgaria” as well as the Prime Minister’s party. The executive includes five deputy prime ministers and 21 ministers, while the first priorities are overcoming the energy crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken a heavy toll on Bulgaria, one of those with the highest death rates. “We want to avoid the electricity price rises for families from 1st January 2022, and from now on all that depends on us we will do it 100%. So far there have been statements, now facts are coming”, the new Bulgarian Prime Minister said just after the Parliament’s approval and taking his oath. Kiril Petkov’s other priority will be intensifying the vaccination campaign, because Bulgaria is one of the least vaccinated countries in Europe. Bulgaria’s last permanent government was the executive led by Boyko Borissov of the Gerb party, in power for 12 years, heavily accused for its authoritarian manners and corruption.

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