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Coronavirus Covid-19: UK in a frenzy. “Fight to save Christmas”. Face masks are back. The papers: variant will cause chaos

It is the “booster”, the third dose of anti-Covid vaccine, that the headlines of the British papers and websites are all about today, because in a few hours the government might decide to extend to anyone under 40 the right to have a third injection and shorten the interval between doses that right now is six months. The “Daily Mirror”, a tabloid read by over half a million people, announces the start of a “Fight to save Christmas”, after the new measures imposed last Saturday that include the obligation to wear face masks in the shops and on public transport. The “Daily Telegraph”, a Conservative newspaper, writes with great concern that “the variant will cause chaos in the schools”. The new clampdown due to the new “Omicron” variant actually means that students will have to wear face masks again, even if just in the corridors and not in the classrooms, and to self-isolate if they come into contact with someone who tested positive to the new variant. According to the website of the “Guardian”, a Liberal newspaper, the government’s new clampdown is not enough, because the number of “Omicron” cases is increasing fast, with six cases confirmed in Scotland in addition to the three found in England. Also according to the “Guardian”, the Scottish Secretary for Health, Humza Yousaf, announced that the tracing system is trying to find out where the infection started from and the people the six infected ones have come into contact with.

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