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Germany: “Europe is worth it”. German Bishops offer insights into the EU’s future

Today, the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) has published a text on European integration from a Catholic perspective providing insights into the future of the European Union as a project of peace and democracy. The volume, entitled “Europe is worth it”, was created by the Episcopal working group for Europe of the DBK Social Affairs Committee, led by Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen. The text, aimed at a broad audience, also addresses social and ethical issues related to the Church’s role in society and Europe, outlining historical developments and presenting the EU-related topics that are currently being discussed. Four European policy areas are examined: democracy is closely linked to the rule of law as a foundation for social cohesion and participation; responsibility for creation is identified as a key factor for the wellbeing of all and of future generations; the digital world is the distinctive trait of our modern societies that have a constant need for planning, with ethical guidelines that should promote a Christian vision of man; migration and asylum issues should be addressed as a European and global challenge, with special emphasis on human dignity and solidarity. Mgr. Overbeck explained that the text has taken a long time but comes “at the right time” because the Catholic Church is accompanying the current EU debates. “We draw attention to the foundations of European integration, which, in addition to the dignity of every human person, also include solidarity, subsidiarity, democracy, and the rule of law”.

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