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EU-Poland: Von der Leyen criticises Warsaw Constitutional Tribunal ruling. “EU law prevails over national law”

“I am deeply concerned about yesterday’s ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal. I have instructed the Commission services to analyse it fully and quickly. On this basis, we will decide on the next steps.” Ursula von der Leyen commented, with firm and heavy words, on the Warsaw ruling, which upheld the primacy of national law over EU law. “The EU is a community of values and laws. This, – von der Leyen said today -, “is what binds our Union together and makes it strong. We will uphold the founding principles of our Union’s legal order. Our 450 million Europeans rely on this. She added: “Our top priority is to ensure that the rights of Polish citizens are protected and that Polish citizens enjoy the benefits of EU membership, just like all citizens of our Union”. Furthermore, “EU citizens and companies operating in Poland need legal certainty that EU rules, including the rulings of the European Court of Justice, are fully applied in Poland”. Finally: “Our Treaties are very clear. All rulings of the European Court of Justice are binding on the authorities of all Member States, including national courts. EU law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions. This is what all EU Member States have signed up to as members of the European Union. We will use all the powers at our disposal under the Treaties to ensure this.”

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