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Conference on the Future of Europe: from young people, two thousand ideas about climate change, EU values, multilingualism, international security

Some very factual ideas are coming from young people to “make waste recycling easier in the EU, make the so-called “article 7 proceedings that protect the EU values more effective and to promote multilingualism by reforming language learning in schools”. Young people also believe that companies should be made more aware of their contribution to climate change. These are some of the two thousand ideas for the future of Europe, which the youth consultation process has collected since May on, the online platform that is an integral part of the process for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Then, such ideas have been discussed at the European Youth Event (Eye 2021) on 8th and 9th October: 160 events have involved 5,000 young people at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, while another 5,000 have taken part online. The 20 most “shared” ideas will be brought by two young delegates to the plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe, due to take place in Strasbourg on 22nd and 23rd October. The issues that young people have most at heart are climate change, Covid-19 and international security. The European model they prefer is the federal one.

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