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Portugal: towards the legalisation of euthanasia. Portuguese Federation for Life, wrong law at a time when people die from Covid

Today, Portugal’s Parliament is scheduled to vote on the draft bill “defining and regulating the basic requirements” for the decriminalisation of euthanasia and medically assisted suicide in the case of terminal illness that causes unbearable suffering. In the past few days, many expressed concerns over the bill, that has long been delayed in Parliament. The Portuguese Federation for Life has called on MPs to “recognize the sacrifice of the entire society in this desperate fight against the pandemic by preventing the adoption of this law” at a time when “every five minutes a patient dies from Covid-19” in Portugal. “It would be deeply shocking if the Parliament of the Portuguese Republic passed legislation on death while the Portuguese people are fighting for life, against the pandemic”. The same point is made in a manifesto signed by a number of social associations and charities in Portugal: “At a time when thousands of people and countless institutions make superhuman efforts every day to take care of the sick and of vulnerable and fragile people, sparing no effort to save lives, the approval of euthanasia is also a lack of respect for all these people”. These associations, for their part, say: “Our doors will always be open to all those who want to take care of life”.

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