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Poland: 10th Education Week promoted by bishops. The format at a time of pandemic

“Building ties” is the title of the 10th Education Week promoted by the Commission for Catholic Education of the Polish Bishops’ Conference. In the week from 13 to 19 September, catechesis classes at school will focus on dialogue as a non-stereotypical and unbiased form of communication and responsibility for one’s own words. The Week will be for the Bishops an occasion to remember the 100th anniversary of John Paul II, “who can be called the Pope of relations”, and set him as an example for both “the little ones”, who should better understand the importance of the words they speak, and adults, who will be given the basis to build true relationships with God and others. Teaching materials were made digitally available by the Commission this year, even if the Ministry of Education announced last Wednesday, 9 September, that 99.8% of schools, kindergartens and other educational centres are operating normally, with face-to-face lessons. Małgosia, a 13-year-old from Warsaw, told SIR news agency about how school lessons take place. In her class, she said, there are about 30 students and all of them wear a mask. “There have been changes to the break, so that children do not go out into the courtyard all at the same time”, the girl said, adding that “now that the weather is still good, we can go out during the break”. Physical education classes, too, take place outdoor, but, Małgosia said, “we do not have to wear a mask” during them.

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