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COVID-19 Coronavirus: CCEE-COMECE, “investing in family is first step towards just, social, economic and ecclesial recovery”

“In this time of crisis, which showed the great limits of individualism, the two Presidencies stressed the central role played by the family” as “the true cell of solidarity and sharing, but also a place to pray together. Investing in the family is the first step towards a just, social, economic and ecclesial recovery”. This is according to a CCEE–COMECE joint statement released today. “Thanking the many priests for their crucial and generous service during this period, some also sacrificing their own lives, the participants of the meeting analysed the role played by social media in prayer and streaming celebrations. These new forms of religious practice, relationships, presence and sharing of faith invite us not only to evaluate the possibility of giving a new meaning to faith and the Church, but also to work to make many faithful rediscover the element of full sacramentality of religious celebrations in places of worship, which the use of new technologies cannot ensure”. The bishops “also dwelt on the strong limitation imposed on freedom of religion in the context of the closure of places of worship and the prohibition of liturgies, calling for the re-establishment of normal State-Church relations based on dialogue and respect for fundamental rights”. The virtual meeting was attended by Card. Angelo Bagnasco (CCEE President), Card. Jean-Claude Hollerich (COMECE President), as well as by all the members of the two Presidencies.

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