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Coronavirus Covid-19: Nordic countries, the meeting of Catholic families has been postponed. Resources online to support a life of faith

Because of the pandemic, the meeting of Catholic families of the Nordic countries, which was due in Norway on 21st to 24th May, could not be held. Instead of the meeting, the organising team decided to create an online website with resources in support of the families’ life of faith. “Now our churches have slowly started to reopen for the celebration of the Eucharist”, the promoters write, “but we know that for much longer yet we will have to rely on the domestic Church – our families – to live and convey our faith in Christ”. Hence the idea to direct all the features that would have marked the international meeting to the website theological resources, inspiration for prayers and catechesis at home, materials for the younger ones and for teenagers who are just experiencing love. “It is a very little start, made in a hurry and in complicated circumstances”, go on the promoters, who hope “a platform may be developed together where we can meet and support each other in our faith in Jesus Christ, whether we live in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway”.

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