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United Kingdom: Boris Johnson in intensive care. Longley (Tablet), “on this occasion, he has shown moral strength and dedication” to his country

(London) “Working instead of resting, thinking of those who are in the front line against the coronavirus. A behaviour that shows a moral strength that has remained hidden until now”. Clifford Longley, commentator for the English Catholic weekly “The Tablet” and former religious correspondent for “The Times” and “The Daily Telegraph”, said this about the news that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit of St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. “In leading Britain’s response to the pandemic, Johnson has shown unprecedented moral strength and dedication”, said Longley, a former colleague of the prime minister when he was working at The Daily Telegraph. “When he fell sick, Johnson put his health at risk as he continued working in isolation rather than resting as he had been advised to by doctors. I am sure he must have thought that others, too, were risking their health and lives during this terrible crisis, and that the least he could do was to show solidarity with them by staying in office and doing his job even if he was sick”. According to the commentator, “the coronavirus, which is no respecter of any class or status, seems to bring out the best in people. The whole country wishes the prime minister a speedy recovery. But for this to happen, Johnson should listen to the doctors and rest”.

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