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Malta: Mgr. Scicluna to children, “remember your grandparents, make peace…”. Then he plays the harmonica

From his office in the Curia, Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta has released a video message in Maltese to help children prepare for the Holy Week. Mgr. Scicluna gives them some advice, such as not forgetting their grandparents, calling them by phone, doing their homework at home, helping with housework, and making peace as soon as possible when they quarrel with their siblings. The archbishop also shows three objects dear to him to explain the importance of these days and of family prayer: a ceramic candle holder that he made at school when he was 11 and a rosary that he has been carrying in his pocket since his First Communion. The third object is a mouth organ that the archbishop holds in his hands and plays at the end of the message.

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