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Croatia: earthquake in Zagreb. “Jutarnij list” newspaper, it is a miracle Card. Bozanic is still alive. Huge damage to churches

Following the strong earthquake that hit Zagreb on Sunday morning, the Archdiocese of the Croatian capital makes an assessment of the damage caused to its many churches, including Zagreb Cathedral. “The Cathedral’s southern spire collapsed onto the roof of the Episcopal Palace, and there is huge damage also inside the Basilica”, the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Zagreb, Fr. Borna Puskaric, explained. According to the Croatian newspapers “Jutarnij list”, it is a miracle that Card. Josip Bozanic is still alive. He survived just, since the roof collapsed in front of his room. Many churches in the historic centre have been damaged. 50 friars from the Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi have been evacuated. The precious frescoes of the Church of the Assumption in Remeta have been destroyed. “The building has several cracks even outside”, said the parish priest Fr. Antonio Mario Circo, who recorded a video message of encouragement. “The Lord is always present among us. Some might say it is a punishment from God, but no, God does not punish. Yet we may ask ourselves: what does God want to tell us? At this time of temptation, we need to do a reset”.

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