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EU Parliament: plenary session in Strasbourg. Artificial Intelligence, how to make sure it is safely and fairly used

(Strasbourg) The plenary session of the European Parliament will start in Strasbourg today at 5.00 pm, with a discussion of the challenges posed by the use of Artificial Intelligence and the measures that the European Union should take to protect consumers. A resolution will be voted on, on Wednesday. The plenary sessions’ debate and vote will be followed by the White Paper of the EU Commission on a European approach to Artificial Intelligence that will probably be presented on 19th February. “According to the draft resolution – the European Parliament explains in a notice – of the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, when one interacts with automatic decision-making systems, one should be properly aware of the way they work, how to interact with a human being, and how the system’s decision can be controlled and corrected”. The MEPs “also want the European Commission to put forward some proposals to update the security level in the EU (for instance those of machinery and toys), and the regulations on liability for Artificial Intelligence products”. Tomorrow, the European Parliament will discuss a resolution, which will be voted on next Wednesday, that defines the MEPs’ demands for a new partnership between the EU and the United Kingdom. Also tomorrow, the newly-elected president of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, will address the plenary session for the first time to discuss the economic governance of the Euro-zone and the work of the European Central Bank.

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