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World Day of the Poor: Poland, diocesan initiatives. Mgr. Skworc, “a call to generosity”

“An outstretched hand to help the needy must be the sign and the symbol of this present time of pandemic”, Archbishop Wiktor Skworc of Katowice said in a message on the occasion of the upcoming World Day of the Poor, celebrated next Sunday, 15 November. The prelate “strongly encourages both Church pastors and the faithful to use all available means to reach out to the weakest and most needy members of the Mystical Body of Christ, not just the materially poor but also the poor in spirit, those who are alone, rejected, sick, suffering, and people in isolation and quarantine”. Mgr. Skworc also calls on parishes, particularly parish Caritas centres, to “intensify even further their tireless zeal for the needy, especially the elderly”. Due to the pandemic, most of the initiatives marking the Day of the Poor are aimed at social media users this year. Caritas volunteers encourage everyone to donate to online fundraisings. Caritas Poznan intends to raise at least 20,000 zloty (€5,000) in this way, and the money raised will go to the purchase of foods and winter articles. Also on Sunday, the needy participating in the solemn Sunday liturgy will be able to receive not only spiritual support but also – after the celebration – medical support and a take-away hot meal in all four canteens of the diocesan Caritas.

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