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Brexit: Sturgeon (Scottish National Party), “Scotland will be independent”. Fist-fight with Johnson

(London) “Scotland will be independent and I will do all I can to achieve this goal. I will devote all my strength and capacity to this job”. The speech delivered today in Edinburgh by Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, Nicola Sturgeon, a few hours before Brexit, is crystal clear. “Indyref2”, the second referendum on Scottish independence, will become a reality. “This year or next year, we will hold a new referendum”, said the prime minister of the Parliament north of Hadrian’s Wall. “We should focus on the work we need to do to persuade those Scots who still want to stay with Westminster that independence is the right choice. We must make our case with passion but also with patience and respect” to avoid creating divisions. And we should try to keep “our people united”. But why this detachment? For the SNP leader, the reason is simple: “The majority of us voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum on Brexit, but the Government in London does not want to acknowledge this fact. It refuses to give us a say”, Ms Sturgeon said. “I have just sent Prime Minister Boris Johnson a migration plan to ensure EU workers, who are essential to our market and to crucial sectors such as the healthcare, can enter Scotland, but my proposals were scorned. The Prime Minister branded the plan ‘fanciful and deranged’ without even taking the time to consider it, without even listening to me”.

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