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Remembrance Day: Von der Leyen, Michel, Sassoli, “we stand shoulder to shoulder with Jewish communities threatened across Europe”

(Brussels) “We are at a crossroads. As the number of survivors is dwindling, we will have to find new ways to remember, embracing the testimonies of the descendants of survivors. They remind us to be vigilant about the rising tide of antisemitism that is threatening the values we hold dear — pluralism, diversity, and the freedoms of religion and expression. Values that cherish minorities: all minorities, and always. Jewish communities have contributed to shaping the European identity and will always be part of it. All parts of our society, new and old, must embrace these lessons from the Shoah”, reads the joint statement by Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and David Maria Sassoli marking Remembrance Day. “We have a duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jewish communities as they feel again threatened across Europe – most recently in Halle, Germany. All EU Member States stand united in the determination that any form of racism, antisemitism and hatred have no place in Europe and we will do whatever it takes to counter them”. “State authorities, as well as actors from across all sectors of civil society should unite to reaffirm Europe’s unfaltering vigilance whenever and wherever democratic values are threatened”.

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