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United Kingdom: the headlines on the election, those of the most Conservative ones are all about Boris Johnson

This morning, the headlines of the most Conservative newspapers are all about Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister who, with his lockdown parties in Downing street, contributed to the defeat that the Conservative party is going to suffer tomorrow. The former Prime Minister, to whom the United Kingdom owes Brexit, decided to take a stand on the last day of the election campaign. “Johnson: it’s not too late to stop Labour”, the “Daily Telegraph” cries out, “Johnson: a gigantic Labour majority is pregnant with horrors”, the “Times” says, “Boris and Rishi unite to stop Starmergeddon”, the “Daily Mail” writes. The more well-balanced “BBC” puts a question mark on whether the former Prime Minister’s taking position will actually benefit the Conservative party. The British broadcaster, in the opening headline of its website, points out that tomorrow’s vote will be “a landmark” and that the surveys have confirmed, during the six weeks of the election campaign, that the defeat of the Tories will be a catastrophe. The Euro-sceptic tabloid the “Daily Express” spends all of its front page on a plea from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who calls voters to turn up. “Your vote counts, so please use it wisely”, Sunak says. The Liberal newspaper the “Guardian” highlights that one in eight voters has not decided how to vote yet. The defeat of the Conservative party is a certainty, but how many seats the Tories will lose will depend on those who do not know how to use their ballot papers yet.

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