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Luxembourg: conference on Robert Schuman at church in Schengen. “A skilled politician or a man listening to the Spirit?”

At 7:30 p.m. tonight, on the initiative of the Jean XXIII Diocesan Formation Centre, the Church in Schengen, Luxembourg, will host a conference by Canon Joseph Jost entitled “Robert Schuman, a skilled politician or a man listening to the Holy Spirit?”.

“After the three wars fought by two great European nations, Robert Schuman was – according to the promoters – the ‘providential’ architect of a real Copernican breakthrough in Franco-German relations. It was the splendour of his inner life – that of a man of faith and prayer – that struck anyone who came into contact with him”.

Speaking to young people in 1946, Schuman said: “The masters of history are not those who stir the political scene… There is only one Master in History… that is the Almighty, our Heavenly Father. He chooses His instruments among men of good will”.

The life of Venerable Robert Schuman “confirms that God needs tools humbly abandoned in His hands to achieve what is right in His eyes”.

This was the premise of today’s conference announced by the speaker, Father Jost, who has been the Diocesan Postulator for the cause of Schuman’s beatification since 2002. In June 2021, Pope Francis authorised the promulgation of the Decree recognising the heroic virtues of the French statesman and his venerability in the Catholic Church.

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