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EU Parliament: “helping Ukraine win the war”. Ammunition, shells and missiles to the Ukrainian army

(Photo European Parliament)

(Strasbourg) According to the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on military support for Ukraine today, EU and NATO allies should support Kyiv militarily with at least 0.25% of their annual GDP. Member States are therefore urged to “immediately enter into dialogue with defence companies, in order to ensure increased production and deliveries of ammunition, shells and missiles to Ukraine, which should be prioritised over orders from other third countries”. In addition, MEPs are calling on the US House of Representatives to “adopt its long-stalled military assistance package for Ukraine without any further delay”.
The resolution highlights the urgency of creating a “solid” legal framework to allow Russian state-owned assets frozen by the EU to be confiscated and “used for reconstructing Ukraine and to compensate victims of the war”. Russia must be obliged to pay reparations to ensure that “it contributes substantially to rebuilding Ukraine”.
MEPs are also calling on the EU to “maintain and extend its sanctions policy against Moscow and Russia’s ally Belarus”. This should include banning Russian uranium and metallurgical imports to the EU, terminating nuclear cooperation with Russia and imposing a full embargo on EU imports of Russian agricultural and fishery products as well as fossil fuels and liquefied natural gas transported by sea through pipelines.
Finally, Parliament condemns all those countries, companies, associations and individuals “that are helping Moscow circumvent EU restrictive measures”, stating that these disruptive practices should be criminalised at EU level.

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