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EU Commission: 1.8 billion in humanitarian support for 2024. Lenarcic, “the gap between needs and resources is widening”

Janez Lenarčič (Photo European Commission)

“With almost 300 million people estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, the EU once again reinforces its commitment to support the most vulnerable globally”. The Commission has therefore adopted its initial annual humanitarian budget of more than €1.8 billion for this year. Janez Lenarčič, commissioner for crisis management, stated: “As we enter 2024, the gap between humanitarian needs and resources available continues to widen. At the same time, funding needs are very high, as conflicts multiply and the climate crisis worsens. In 2023, the funding gap reached new record levels as not even 40% of the USD 56.7 billion that were needed were provided. In the face of this disturbing trend, the European Commission will continue to fund humanitarian action in support of the most vulnerable, no matter who and where they are across the world. And we will continue to advocate for and mobilise the international community to collectively close this alarming funding gap”. “In 2023, over 91% of contributions come from just 20 donors, among which top three – the European Commission included – provided 58% of globally available humanitarian funding. This is unsustainable. It is therefore essential that the international community finds a more balanced and fair way to fund humanitarian assistance, in line with capabilities of each individual country”.

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