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EU Parliament: Scholz (German Chancellor), “our future is the European Union”. In his speech, Ukraine, Africa and migration

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(Strasbourg) “The future does not belong to those who are nostalgic. And it certainly does not belong to revisionists who dream of a national glory or thirst for imperial power. The past will not triumph over the present: our future is the European Union”. A deeply pro-European speech is the one given in Strasbourg earlier today by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. As he addressed the European Parliament at a debate on the future of the EU, on Europe Day, Scholz spoke of reforming the EU architecture, of economy, of having to comply with the rule of law in the member states. But he also lingered on migration, on Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and spent most of his speech on international cooperation (mainly with Africa) to strengthen development, democracy, wellbeing and peace. “Ukrainians – he also said – are paying with their lives for this craziness of their powerful neighbour. 2,200 kilometres northeast from here, Putin is parading his soldiers, tanks and missiles today. We must not be intimidated by such power plays! Let’s remain steadfast in our support for Ukraine – for as long as it takes”. The German Chancellor explained: “None of us want to go back to the time the law of the strongest applied in Europe. When the smaller countries had to submit to the bigger ones. When freedom was a privilege, not everyone’s fundamental right. Our European Union, united in its diversity, is the best assurance that this past will not come back”.

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