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International Women’s Day: EU Commission, “rights denied across the world. Russian army using sexual violence as a weapon of war”

“On International Women’s Day, we think of the resilience and strength of women. Their resolve to stand up against injustice. Their dedication to protect others. Their unrelenting strive for change”. Ahead of 8 March, the European Commission has today issued a long statement which reads: “Not only today, but every day, we stand united with all women to build momentum for their rights across the globe. We want to empower women to pursue their life goals unhindered”. The statement goes on to say: “The growing oppression globally on women and girls and attacks on their human rights are alarming. We stand by women in Iran, whose freedoms are systematically restricted; and those in Afghanistan, where the Taliban are trying to erase women and girls’ presence from public space, as well as everywhere else in the world where women’s fundamental rights and freedoms are being threatened or denied”. “We are also deeply concerned about the reports that Russian Armed Forces use sexual violence against women and children in Ukraine as a weapon of war. These actions constitute war crimes and the perpetrators must be brought to justice”.

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